At Radiance Salon we carry Loma Products because we believe in Natural Products and Sustainability.  We want to see you look your best with quality products.   You can purchase your Loma Products locally at the shop.  For more info on Loma Products please feel free to visit their website.

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FAHQ – Frequently Asked Hair Questions

I just had a color service done, what can I do to maintain the vibrance of my color?

Your best bet for keeping your hair color as beautiful as it is now is not only using a color safe shampoo, but also reducing the number of times you wash your hair each week.  If you want a list of recommended shampoo please feel free to ask me at your visit or call me and I can make sure to have the product ready for you.

I bleach my hair regularly.  Is there anything I can do to keep it from becoming too dry or damaged?

I highly recommend Loma Moisturizing Shampoo and Oil for your hair as well as washing it less frequently.  Many of my clients even add a squirt of the Reparative Tonic as part of their regular conditioner.   The Loma Nourishing Oil also provides you thermal protection so if you blow dry or flat iron your hair it will help keep any heat related damage to a minimum.

If I want a “fun” color will you have to special order it?

NO!  I know that hair color is a creative process and not everyone wants black, brown, blonde or red.  For all of your creative hair care needs I stock many gorgeous colors including blue, pink, and purple.  There may be a few colors I would have to special order, but for the most part I have a wide array in house to choose from.